How to keep your eyes healthy in 9 steps

How to keep your eyes healthy
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Eye health

The eyes are one of the sensitive organs in the human body, so they need special attention to maintain their safety, and this attention is not only about avoiding factors that are harmful to them but also includes following some health actions and paying attention to the quality of the food that is eaten. In this article, we will show you how to maintain healthy eyes.

How to keep eyes healthy

Avoid reading in the dark:

Avoid reading in the dark, whether it is reading paper books, e-books loaded on smartphones or other visual media; Because it causes eyestrain and then weakens eyesight if it continues.

Stay away from smoking :

Please stay away from smoking; Its negative effects are not limited to the respiratory system only but extend to other parts of the body, as it affects the nerves of the eyes, causing glaucoma and macular degeneration. It also leads to visual impairment, leading to blindness if visual impairment worsens over time, especially for smokers.

Eat healthy foods:

Eating healthy foods that contain the necessary nutrients and vitamins, noting the need to adopt a healthy diet for people who suffer from obesity, is important in maintaining the safety of the eyes and improving the health of the entire body.

Contact lens care:

Caring for contact lenses, whether colored or alternative to medical glasses, by taking care of their cleanliness and replacing them with new ones when needed.

Wearing optical shields:

Wearing optical shields when doing the work requires it, just as wearing medical glasses is necessary when reading, for example, works by their nature that needs optical protection, and neglecting them may lead to blindness.

Replace eyeglasses when necessary:

replace eyeglasses when necessary; If you feel that you are not comfortable wearing it, or that you need another lens that is different from the current lens for your glasses, refer to the specialist doctor immediately without paying attention to the financial aspect, where you can replace it with a good one at a low price.

Learn about family history:

Getting to know the family history, to know the genetic problems that can cause health problems in the eyes; Because eye problems are not limited to environmental factors only, but the genetic aspect also plays a role in them. If there is any change in your eyes, see the specialist doctor, and ask him about your family’s health history related to the eyes, this will help him improve your health, and he will give you useful advice for you and your children.

Eye exercises:

doing eye exercises; If your eyes become tired because of reading or watching TV or a computer, for example, rest them for twenty minutes, or close them and open them slowly ten times.

Ophthalmologist visit:

Visit the ophthalmologist periodically and perform the necessary examinations, even if you are not experiencing any changes or problems; To ensure its safety.

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